Do You Qualify For Barack Obama's Federal Loan Modification Program?

To be able to help people who are having a hard time meeting their mortgage repayments a new federal loan modification program has been introduced underneath the Obama administration. The program is intended for those who have high interest loans against their homes. This problem is currently affecting millions of homeowners so the financing that's been set aside in order to provide the amounts of aid required totals $75 billion dollars.

The intention of the Obama federal loan modification program is slow up the repayments of homeowners to affordable levels that may be sustained on an ongoing basis. The maximum complete monthly repayment level (including capital repayments, curiosity, insurance and tax) that is available is 38% of gross monthly income and that's only available under special circumstances, the more typical maximum for individuals meeting the qualification criteria is 31%.

To encourage participation the federal government is offering financial rewards for each loan modification and any lost revenue because of lower interest rates will be government funded. The borrowers are also being offered incentives to meet repayments that may be worth a total of $5000 dollars over 5 many years, these incentives will be used to pay off some of the capital (Principal) of the actual loan.

To speed up the application for financing modification you need have available the following recorded information:

  • Proof of gross monthly income from just about all sources
  • Your latest tax return
  • Proof of any kind of valuable assets
  • The details of any 2nd mortgage about the house
  • The balances and minimum monthly payments necessary for all credit cards
  • The balances and monthly payments of every other loans you have
  • A letter that explains why your mortgage is becoming unaffordable.